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Marco Goran
Paco González is our number one collaborator and friend. He coached the project and gave us advice on every decision. He’s also the Co-founder of (2008) in Valencia Spain. Community Manager and First Official Moderator of Lettering vs Calligraphy.
Paco González
Marco Goran
Marco Goran is an illustrator living in Milan.
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Laura di Piazza
Laura di Piazza is a calligrapher living in Vermont.
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Thiago Reginato
Thiago Reginato is a calligrapher living in São Paulo.
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Joachim Vu
Joachim Vu is a Graphic designer, Illustrator & Letterer from Paris. Co-runner at Hooraylabs.
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Spotyone is letterer and calligrapher based in Venezuela.
Matt Prada
Matt Prada is and illustrator, graphic designer and graffiti artist based in La Paz.
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Guillermo Vizzari
Guillermo Vizzari is a Graphic Designer and letterer living in Buenos Aires.
Guillermo Vizzari
Fritz Grögel
Fritz Grögel is a Designer living a working in Berlin.
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Yani Arabena
Yanina Arabena is a Graphic Designer and calligrapher from Buenos Aires.
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Elena Albertoni
Elena Albertoni is a designer and letterer living in Berlin.
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George Shatirishvili
George Shatirishvili is a graphic designer based in Berlin.
George Shatirishvili
Magdalena Lindelöw
Magdalena Lindelöw combines graphic design with calligraphy for a living.
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Arthur Reinders Folmer
Arthur Reinders Folmer is a designer that works with an emphasis in typography and illustration in Antwerp.
Arthur Reinders Folmer
Molly Jacques
Molly Jacques is typographical artist with a strong emphasis on calligraphy and lettering living and working in Detroit, Michigan.
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Shauna Lynn
Shauna Lynn is a graphic designer, hand letterer and illustrator located in Orlando, Florida.
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Nicolás León
GRaphic designer and calligrapher born in Chile, and currently living in Buenos Aires.
Nicolás León
Mike Okay
Mike Okay is an illustrator and hand letterer living in Berlin. He is part of Klub 7 Art Collective.
Mike Okay

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Tünde Varga
Tünde Varga is a graphic designer living in Sopron, whose main field of interest is letters.
Tünde Varga
Otto Baum is an illustrator living in Berlin. He’s part of art collective KLUB7®.
Otto Baum
Mota Italic
In August 2008 Yves put his graphic design career on the back burner, freeing him to concentrate on his writing and related activities in the digital type business. He writes his Bald Condensed type reviews on and edits Unzipped, the blog on the FontShop BeNeLux home page. Yves also is an accomplished drummer with British/Belgian pop/rock band Troubleman and Americana outfit Rosa Luxe*. His talent for being able to identify most typefaces on sight is utterly useless in daily life.
Yves Peters
Mota Italic
Opened in May 2011, this gallery exists to showcase type, letters, and typography in both art and design. A diverse range of exhibitions is planned with the goal of both supporting the Berlin type scene while expanding appreciation and interest of letterforms to a wider public. Located in Berlin and run by Rob and Sonja Keller, Mota italic is also a type foundry and a boutique of typographic goodies.
Mota Italic
Marina Chaccur
Marina holds a degree in Design from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, an MA in Graphic Design from the London College of Communication and an MA in Type and Media from the KABK. She teaches at a few of the major design bachelors in São Paulo and is continuously involved in conferences, lectures, workshops and exhibitions in Brazil and other parts of the world. Currently based in São Paulo , she works as a freelancer and is a board member for Association Typographique Internationale.
Marina Chaccur
Christoph Koeberlin
Christoph Koeberlin is a typographer, graphic and type designer based in Berlin. He graduated in Visual Communication at Universität der Kunste Berlin and worked since them as Type developer at Fontshop. Christoph also runs typefacts, a blog on typography and type design.
Christoph Koeberlin
Andrei Robu
Andrei Robu is a rumanian designer, letterer and calligrapher specialized in lettering art and brand design. Hype consultant. Also known for creating the famous online tools for art-directors: Designers Go To Heaven, Typeverything and
Andrei Robu
Yani Arabena
Yani Arabena is an argentinian Graphic Designer and Calligrapher based in Buenos Aires. She graduated from University of Palermo, in Buenos Aires and she currently performs as a teacher in Applied Typography. Working with a focus on calligraphy, she has paired with Designer and Letterer Guille Vizzari to develop a particular style that combines design, illustration and calligraphy. Yani has recently gained a Postgraduate in Type Design at FADU with her thesis project ‘Abelina Typeface’.
Yani Arabena
Type Cooker
Type cooker is a tool for generating type-drawing exercises. The system creates a random list of requirements for a typeface, but with relevant criteria. Each exercise will contain different rules. That does not necessarily result in a nice, pretty or useful design, but it will always be possible to design something to fit the problem. TypeCooker is a project by Erik van Blokland from Lettererror a studio for type Design, Typography and Technology in The Hague. Erik also lectures extensively and he is a teacher at the Type and Media Program at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Netherlands.
Tiffany Wardle de Sousa is a typographer and graphic designer currently living and working in San Jose, California. She graduated from Brigham Young University and later gained a Master of Arts in Theory and History of Typography and Graphic Communication from the University of Reading. Her words have been published in STEP Inside Design, Interrobang (A SOTA Publication), Indie Fonts III, and TypeCulture. She has also been a board member for the Society of Typographic Aficionados and a contributing volunteer for the Association Typographique Internationale.
Nate Williams
Nate Williams is an american illustrator and picture book author with a love for hand lettering, children’s illustration and “Naïve art”. From his studio in South America he creates artwork for commercial and non-commercial projects, often under the name of ‘Alexander Blue’, his alter ego. Besides his illustration and fine art work, Nate runs various side projects most of the times with the aim of promoting creativity, curiosity and discovery. He also maintains the successful illustration community portal.
Thiago Reginato is a Brazilian graphic designer and calligrapher graduated from ESPM. He is the creator of the project TIPOCALI, a project that explores the combination of typography and calligraphy in both art and design by organising workshops and exhibitions. He is also partner at MAQUINÁRIO Laboratório Criativo, a studio speed in Identity and Graphic Design ”
Hannes Famira is a graphic designer, a type designer and a teacher of both disciplines. He started his own design studio Das Kombinat in 1999 and the Kombinat-Typefounders in 2001 which he currently runs from his office in Berlin. Hannes taught in various typography and type design classes in universities in Germany, United States and Switzerland. Since 2011 he has been lecturing in the Type@Cooper Extended and Condensed programs at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.
Stephen is a writer and typographer living in Oakland and Berlin. After six years at FontShop San Francisco as a creative director, he now publishes the websites Typographica, Fonts In Use, and The Mid-Century Modernist. Stephen is author of the book The Anatomy of Type (The Geometry of Type in the UK) and a regular contributor to Print magazine. He is also a Type Camp instructor, a member of the FontFont TypeBoard and a judge for the 2012 TDC Typeface Design Competition.
Pedro Arilla is a spanish type designer and beginner letterpress printer with a passion for the anatomy of type and the smell of paper. He released her first font in 2012: Valentina. He is also the author of the blog Don Serifa, member of collective Unos tipos duros and his writings on type design and typography are published in several blogs and magazines. Don Serifa
Paco Calles is a mexican Designer and editor with a focus on teaching. He has been a lecturer in several conferences, published articles in various design magazines and edited design publications. He has an active role in the latin american type scene, being an organiser of Letras Latinas and Tipos Latinos conferences. He is a member of Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), assessor in FOROALFA and part of UNOSTIPOSDUROS.
Fozzy C. Dayrit is a calligrapher and freelance designer based in the Philippines. She worked in Advertising for over 8 years until 2 years ago, when she decided to leave the corporate world d to rekindle her passion for paper, ink and letters. The Fozzy Book
Nina Stössinger is a swiss Designer with a focus on type and typography. Since 2008 she runs her own studio in Basel. She released her first commercial typeface in 2011, FF Ernestine, and she participated as a speaker in several design conferences. She also teaches screen typography at FH Dresden and is a co-founder of the local Typostammtisch. Her writings has been published in various design related blogs and publications.
Aleksandra Samuļenkova is a multidisciplinary designer and artist. She studied in Riga and Berlin and graduated at the Type and Media master program in The Hague. Now she is finally settling down in Berlin and enjoys working at LucasFonts.
Jan Middendorp is a freelance writer, editor and designer based in Berlin. He has published articles for several design magazines and written several books on the history of type and graphic design as well as curated exhibitions on the same topic. He also works as consultant and editor for several well-known designers, manufacturers and distributors of digital type.