1. My calligraphic Futuristic Y has been created with my finger on a new touch screen application . That’s why I consider it futuristic.

    • Rather impressive! I like that you break the mould, Giuseppe. And that monumental Y hewn out of digital stone is almost a piece of art, Martina. Again a very good interpretation of the challenge by both of you.

  2. Thanks for having me!
    Very interesting and cool interpretations – love them both, and the tension between them. The imposing, blocky dimensionality of the Lettering entry is impressive and beautiful; and the graceful Calligraphy piece strikes me as a smart and beautiful blend of the hand-made and math/digital tools. Calligraphy of the future? Indeed.
    Since I have to decide … my vote goes to Calligraphy today! Well done, both of you.

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